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Best Moments From Big Sean's Show at Radio City Music Hall


Big Sean brought his "I Decided" tour to New York City's famed Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday night (Apr. 10) and it was overflowing with energy and fan adoration for the Detroit native -- and of course, he brought the "moves."


This has already been a landmark year for Sean. Since dropping his Billboard 200-topping album I Decided in February, the rapper also became the youngest person ever to receive a key to the city of Detroit, an honor previously bestowed upon Stevie Wonder and Berry Gordy.


Sean filled Radio City with positivity, high energy and most of all, G.O.O.D music. Here are the highlights from the show.

Showing love for Detroit. Big Sean always makes a point of showing mad love for his hometown in the mitten state. After mentioning that he had just celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago, Sean added, "I also just got the key to my city, Detroit, man, that's my hometown, that meant a lot." D-town stand up. Halfway through the show, he also threw on his Detroit fitted.


Jhene Aiko's surprise appearance. TWENTY88 performed "On The Way," "I Know," and "Same Time, Pt. 1" to a very excited crowd. Aiko matched Sean's all-white attire, sporting a bralette and long kimono. The two had incredible chemistry on stage and danced on each other with Sean getting down on his knees at one point. When their set was over, they kissed and Sean said "I love you" to Aiko. 





Teasing a new Jhene Aiko/TWENTY88 album. Right before Jhene left the stage for the evening, Sean asked the crowd who was ready for a new TWENTY88 album and the crowd erupted in cheers. He followed up by asking who was ready for a new Jhene Aiko album and the cheers got even louder. *crosses fingers*


Bringing Madeintyo back out. Sean invited opening act Madeintyo back on stage in the middle of his set for an energetic performance of their joint "Skateboard P." They definitely fed off of each other's energy.


Showing love to his family. Sean shouted out all the family he had in the building, saying his mom, dad and brother were all there for the show. He's always included his family in his rhymes and makes frequent shout-outs to his mom, most recently on the I Decided track "Inspire Me."


The set list. Sean played music from all of his albums. Even though the set was heaviest on I Decided tracks, he threw it back and performed tracks from all his previous efforts and the crowd lost it. He performed "Beware," a small portion of "My Last," his verses from "Don't Like," "All Me" and a handful of other throwbacks.


"Voices in my head" theme. Throughout the show, the image of a floating head appeared on two LED screens between songs that served as the "voices in Sean's head." The voices gave Sean a few pieces of advice, most importantly to "get his ass back on stage" to play "I Don't F--k With You" and "Bounce Back" for the encore.


The inspirational pieces of advice. Sean took a few moments to share a couple secrets with the crowd regarding his journey. "The most important thing I've ever experienced in my life, more than counting up all the money I thought was possible, more than having a hit song on the radio, more than any of that s--t...the most important time of my life, the best feeling I've ever had... is to see the pursuit of happiness actually manifest in the palm of my hand."


After introducing the band, he gifted the crowd with some more invaluable advice: "If you haven't already, assemble your team. Surround yourself with like-minded people, people who think like you, people on that positive s--t."

"It's gonna come a point in time in your life when your dreams are gonna be in the palm of your hand, man, all the things you worked so hard for, all the f--king late nights, sleeping in the car, some of us, sacrificing meals, not eating... all of that's gonna pay off. You're gonna get your one shot, I promise you. You're gonna get at least one in your life." He added that when you reach that point, "If you got your people, you got your family... then it's bigger than you and it's bigger than me."

The energy. The only time Sean stood still on the stage is when he delivered "Sunday Morning Jetpack" with the microphone on the stand. During the entirety of his set, he was either jumping up and down or running back and forth on the stage for a super high-energy performance that the crowd loved and sent right back to him.


Showing love for the fans. Sean took a moment to thank his fans and keep up with the theme of positivity and encouragement that he put in his set the entire night. He said, "I got to meet a few of y'all before y'all came in here and the people I met, and I feel like the people I'm talking to and the people I make music for are people who f--kin' got their whole lives in front of them, who know it's never too late to do this s--t, people who are never gonna look back on life wishing they woulda, coulda, shoulda did anything."


The authenticity. If there's one thing about Big Sean that shines brilliantly through his performances and what he says on stage, it's his authenticity as a person and an artist. Even though he's on stage performing in front of thousands of people, he remains true to himself and his message as he truly leaves his heart on the stage, right through to the mic drop.




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