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2 Chainz Celebrates 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music' Being No. 1 & Remembers Prodigy: Exclusive

Though his project was temporarily pushed back in April, 2 Chainz overcame his circumstances and scored the No. 1 rap album this week on the Billboard Rap Album Charts with Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. While on the red carpet at the NBA Awards Monday night (June 26), the rapper celebrated his latest feat.

"I feel real good. I feel real blessed and humbled by it," Chainz told Billboard. "Hard work pays off. I prayed for this album to be number one. I put a lot of effort into this album. I put a lot of resources together for this album, so it feels good to celebrate it on a night like tonight." 

Though Pretty Girls Like Trap Music succumbed to Lorde's Melodrama album on the Billboard 200 by several thousand copies, Chainz managed to reel in an impressive 106,000 units (57,000 in traditional album-sales) during his opening week. PGLTM spawned a slew of singles including "Good Drank," "It's a Vibe," and his Migos-assisted "Blue Cheese." 

In addition to celebrating his recent success, Chainz spent time ruminating on the passing of Mobb Deep lyricist Prodigywho died last week due to complications from his sickle cell anemia. 
"I think it's sad," said the "No Lie" rhymer. "I think he definitely left too early. He was a trendsetter. His whole monotone, his life story, and his pain was [influential]. I was a fan of Prodigy, Mobb Deep, and I have a good relationship with Havoc. So rest in peace to [Prodigy] and love and blessings to his family."

Besides showcasing his swanky attire on the red carpet, Chainz made his presence felt onstage during the NBA Awards when he performed "Realize" during Nicki Minaj's set. You can watch their performance below.

via Billboard.



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