When Big Sean DECIDED to have his first ever listening last night in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan who knew the response would be so EXPLOSIVE.


And on a SUNDAY in a snowstorm, no less.



In a room filled with Dusse, dressed with choice red and blue lighting and a massive oak tree center stage, Sean was met by radio, press, athletes, local artists and key tastemakers alike to premiere his 4th album, I Decided, at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Sean addressed the crowd with the love for his hometown and thanked them for all the years of support. He explained the concept behind the album and commenced to play it in its entirety. 


What was supposed to be a “listening” session turned into a full on concert as Sean performed and rapped along with the first four tracks off the album!


Although there were many favorites, including the well-known “Bounce Back” and “Moves”, it was clear that the winning track of the night was that featuring fellow hometown native, EMINEM!


The event was attended by the who’s who of Detroit inclusive of radio execs from WJLB, WENZ, WHHH, WQHH, on air personalities, DJ and mixers from WJLB, WGPR, WKQI, WENZ, WDZH, WDVD 
(Big shout out to Drew Rives and Jim Kelley for packing the room!), bloggers, local writers for Hip Hop Weekly, Rolling Out, both executives and players from the Detroit Pistons organization, as well as  executives from the Detroit Lions, local artists LaBritney, Niesha Nisha, J.Drew Sheard, many friends and of course his family along with Miss Myra and his dad!


This album should not only solidify Big Sean as one of Detroit’s own but one of the best to ever do it!




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