Bibi Bourelly Premieres New Video For "BALLIN" With Refinery 29.

Bibi Bourelly is the singer and songwriter you don’t know you know. At 22 years old, she’s a fresh face in the music industry. Her newest single “Ballin” has over 3 million plays on Spotify and counting. But, she’s also the writer behind Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” and Selena Gomez’s “Camouflage.” Learn her face. This artist is on the rise, and her genuine, give-no-shits personality is coming with her to the top. She’s a chameleon to genre, and, according to Bourelly, “music comes the same way ideas come; it randomly happens. It’s almost like a wave of inspiration you have to catch.”

Read more over at Refinery 29!



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