Bibi Bourelly Launches 'Perfect Night' Documentary Featuring Earl St. Clair


"people spend their entire lives trying to live up to a standard that society sets through media to generate money and suppress people. the truth is, those things don't exist. perfection is not a thing...when you get behind closed doors with the people you think are the most perfect people in the world...if you want to see this shit because it’s fun to look at but you know in your heart it’s not true, then we’re cool, we’re still safe. but if you believe it’s true, and you stick your fingers down your throat trying to aspire to that, and you spend all your fuckin’ money trying to aspire to that, and you lie to people and cheat people and beat yourself up and aren’t able to get up in the morning and do drugs because you’re not “perfect”...when the people posing to be perfect aren’t perfect to begin with...that’s dangerous to society and humanity. And I think that it’s our jobs as musicians to say something about it." - bibi



"FUCK the word "musician", Bibi is an Artist bruh.."


"it's so refreshing to watch artists make music that moves's definitely from the heart..she makes you feel lit!!!!"


"I thought I was crazy because I was the only one that thought about this sorta shit. I am so glad I found you bibi."


"your an inspiration. so much talents in that mind of yours. You are so real! love the way your mind works. so talented. love you both together. he's definitely your musical soulmate."

"things you said about culture, rush to perfection in our society... wow. I used to enjoy your music but now I like you as a person too."



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