AOE Releases Debut EP 'Homecoming'

Def Jam Signee AOE Delivers Experimental 'Homecoming' EP: Premiere

It’s only destiny that two men who were born in the same hospital, grew up in the same town in Rhode Island, and went to the same college would end up in a super-group together.

Enter singer, songwriter, visual artist, and multi-instrumentalist Phil Beaudreau and Grammy-winning producer Dawaun Parker (who has produced for the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar) collectively known as AOE (Ambassadors of Earth).

The out-of-the-box pop-meets-R&B-leaning duo recently signed with Def Jam Records and released their aesthetically dynamic visual and debut single "I’m Right This Time" in January. The animated video was created by Phil and goes along with the group’s mission to not separate sight from sound.

Today (March 10), the duo premieres their debut Homecoming EP with Billboard exclusively. The pair hopped on a quick call to discuss how they came together, their musical background, and what the group wants fan to take away from their music.

Get more familiar and check out their new EP below.

Via @Billboard



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