Alesso Premiers New Video 'Falling' With Billboard Dance.

Ever wonder how a producer knows his newest track is fire? Well, a lot of DJs test their latest songs in their live mixes. If a crowd that has never heard the song before and has no idea who made it still gets excited and shouts from the dance floor, you know you're moving in the right direction. Alesso on the other hand has a much more complicated approach.

I took this track to a deeper more sensual place for me, and I wanted to get that across in this video paired with incredible dancing and a sort of 80’s feel," he says. "We auditioned dancers for days, and I’m super happy with how this came out."

As we can see in the below “Falling” video, directed by Henrik Hanson, Alesso painstakingly crafts sexy robots from scratch and programs them to be the best dancers on Earth. Everyone knows robots don't have hearts, but if Alesso's track is really, really good, he can get those statuesque hunks of technical flesh to fall for one another, just like people do. If the dancing robots run off into a secluded section of the studio warehouse to play with each others removable parts, he knows it's a job well done.

Read more and watch the video on Billboard




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