2 Chainz and Migos Flex in New Video for "Blue Cheese"

2 Chainz and Migos Flex in New Video for "Blue Cheese"



Pretty Girls Like Trap Music isn't just the name of the new album from 2 Chainz, it appears to be an overarching belief. And in the new video for his song "Blue Cheese" with Migos, he put that theory to the test, showcasing a group of beautiful models on a runway outside of a trap house.


The video fits wonderfully along the chorus of the song, and Quavo's claim they went from "rags to riches" is backed up by the theme. Shots of little kids playing and causing a ruckus are spliced in between the adult versions of 2 Chainz and the Migos members, showing that they're still comfortable in the same spot they came up in after all their success.


If you look at the demeanors of 2 Chainz and the Migos crew in the video, you wouldn't think much has changed since those days. Quavo in particular looks like he's having the time of his life, staring down at the cameras like King Kong and flashing ice that's probably worth more than my student loan debt.

The big difference now is that their success draws all sorts of people to them. I doubt they were getting runway models to come through before all the fame and fortune, but they're happy to show up these days.

Maybe they're happy to strut their stuff because 2 Chainz is such an accommodating host. Over the weekend, 2 Chainz teamed up with Spotify to open up a "Trap Salon," which presented fans with the opportunity to get a free manicure and pedicure while listening to his new album in the background. Not a bad way to spend your free time!


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