Nah Right “Top 20 Videos of 1993” #6: Redman – “Tonight’s Da Night”

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Nah Right recently put together a very impressive and detailed list of their “Top 20 Videos of 1993″; coming in at #6 is Redman’s “Tonight’s Da Night”.

Redman kept the videos coming the year after dropping his debut albumWhut? Thee Album, filming a black-and-white clip for “Tonight’s da Night.” It’s a snowy day in Newark, and Hurricane G is sitting shotty with Reggie Noble as he kicks his snot-nosed, rough and rugged bars over one of the illest loops in the history of rap music (yeah, we said it). Fasten your seat belt, and bundle up in your bubble goose. This joint knocks. By the way, sick Naughty by Nature hoodie, Funk Doc!

Definitely a Hip-Hop classic! What’s your “Tonight’s Da Night” memory from ’93? Let us know in the comments.