Nah Right “Top 20 Videos of 1993″ #14: Onyx – “Slam”

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Nah Right recently put together a very impressive and detailed list of their “Top 20 Videos of 1993″; coming in at #14 is the classic Def Jam hit by Onyx “Slam”. And if you were around in 1993, who could forget “Slam”

Onyx was huge in 1993! Yo, Sticky Fingaz verse on this? Wow. Rap fans coast to coast were in front of their bedroom mirrors rapping along to every word. B-b-b-but wait, the video was ill too. Instead of a high-profile hip-hop cameo, these dudes had their hardcore metal buddies Biohazard in their shit. You want turnt up? Press play, B-boys.

What was your first “Slam” memory? Share with us in the comments.