Lil Niqo combines school visits on June 18th and 19th with Junteenth Festival appearances.

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When Buffalo Board of Education Member Sharon Belton-Cottman received word that 12-year-old DEF JAM rapper Lil Niqo was interested in coming to WNY,  she quickly contacted family connected with the up-and-coming recording artist and arranged for a Buffalo visit.

Lil Niqo will no doubt make plenty of new Buffalo friends and fans during his two days of school visits.  We caught up with Niqo and his tour team at School #53, where he thrilled the students with his rap and then connected with them through a Q and A session.  Niqo, who sported a big watch told the students not to get caught up in materialism.  “School is important,” he shared.  “I have to keep up with my homework because I know I need an education to be a success.  Education is serious.”

Ms. Belton-Cottman said she thinks it’s important for the school children of Buffalo to see people who are successful and to whom the children can relate. “Most of all,” she says, “I want them to know that we as a board and adults within the district care, and I want to reward them for improved attendance and scores over the last year.” Board Member At Large Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold was present at the schools as well.

Lil Niqo is someone who understands attendance, grades and – thanks to his mother, Nikki – he knows about the value of homework too. Recently, Lil Niqo had to pass up on after-parties at a recent music awards ceremony because, as his mother told the cameras, he didn’t have his homework done. Lil Niqo is an honor roll student and recently released his first TV video entitled “Television Love”. Lil Niqo resides in San Diego, California and has made musical history being the youngest artist ever signed by DEF JAM at 10 years old.

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