Lil Durk Interview w/ XXL Magazine

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Check out Lil Durk’s brand new interview with XXL Mag, where he speaks about his upcoming mixtape, Chicago and much more!

XXL: Tell me about the mixtape. 

Lil Durk: It’s called Signed To The Streets and it’s hosted by DJ Drama. It’s gonna drop in the middle of June and I got a lot of crazy songs on there, a lot of features. I like to keep it real. I like real rap. Sometimes I play around with the futuristic and all that but I like real rap, something you can relate too.

What do you mean by “real rap”?

What people are going through today, what I’m going through, what I’m living. People can relate to other people and how they living. I’m not talking about no jumping in Ferraris.

Signed To The Streets will be your fourth mixtape. After it comes out, what’s the next step? 

Just keep putting out music. Like how Future did it, he kept putting out mixtapes and building his buzz, and that’s what I’m going to do. I ain’t really thinking about no album right now because why would you put out an album when you’re not nationwide? Why even think about an album?

When you and some of the GBE guys shout out Chicago you call it Chiraq. What’s that about? 

You know how Iraq is, so we just put it together. What’s going on in Chicago is the same thing that’s going on in Iraq.

Do you see yourself as one of the main representers of the Chi’s hip-hop scene? 

Yea, most definitely. I get a lot of respect and response with everything I do so I know that they watching, and if I wasn’t important in Chicago, they wouldn’t be watching.

So it seems like you’ve distanced yourself a little from the other GBE guys and have grown more as your own artist and brand. What’s your relationship with them like now? 

Everybody’s family, self made. [But] you gotta build your own face at the end. You going to have to put your own money in your pocket. I’m my own boss, I don’t wait on anybody, so I decided to do me. Get my own money and live it up.

How is it living in Chicago? 

Living there, I don’t really see it from the outside looking in. But by me growing up in Chicago, I’m used to it. So it’s violence, but for the outside looking in it’s like, “I’m not going there.” And I just ask, “Why?” You know?

Do you see yourself staying there?

If I find a good neighborhood I can live in, then that’s what I’ma do.

You just got signed to Coke Boys. Congrats. What’s your relationship with French Montana? 

That’s my homie, he’s like a big brother to me. He talks to me every day, I call him every day and talk about everything music-wise.


Read the full interview here.

Signed To The Streets – The Mixtape coming soon!

Click here to download “Dis Ain’t What U Want” on iTunes.