Juelz Santana Speaks On His New Album With Village Voice

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Check out Juelz Santana’s latest interview with Village Voice where he speaks on his upcoming album.

A decade ago, Juelz Santana burst onto a rap scene that didn’t know it needed him, rapping about trapping out of Harlem crack spots and moving weight for the goon demographic (and delusional, escapist hipsters too) but he also made pop friendly, sing-along raps for the MTV and the now defunct 106th & Park crowd. Santana was, in every sense, what the game was missing in 2005, the last time he put out an album. Unfortunately, he’s hit a few bumps in the road in the form of his collaboration album with Lil Wayne I Can’t Feel My Face never seeing the light of day and of course the much publicized dispute with Dipset founder Cam’ron over the deal he’d signed.
The Weezy collab is still in music label purgatory, but at least he and the rest of the Dips have reconciled. So now Santana is ready to resume his place at the upper crust of rap society. But is this still Santana’s Town? If the title of his new album is any indication, God Willing, it is.

You decided not to release music while you going through some issues. Do you think that was wise?
Well, I took some downtime but I didn’t stay away from my fans until it was like, “What the fuck? Where the fuck did he go and where the fuck did he just come from?” My presence was still felt even though I was out there like that.

That’s true. “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley” was huge and so was that joint you did with Chris Breezy. That did keep you somewhat in the mix.
Exactly. It’s just now instead of just spoon feeding my fans a little bit at a time like I’ve been doing I’m putting out the whole brick. These are album songs, all original. It’s basically a free album. I feel like my people deserve it. They’ve been beyond patient. And [Dipset] always treated mixtapes like albums, we’ve been doing it like that, before all these other guys.

So you named the mixtape God Willin’. Why’d you chose that as a title?
God Willin… it just came to me and it felt good, it felt right. After I announced the title people hit me on Twitter, reminding me that Clipse first album was called Lord Willlin’. Honestly though the title just came to me. I didn’t even think of that album. It just came to me. Originally it was going to be called Reagan Era and Kendrick Lamar got a song with that title but I been screaming “Reagan Era” for years. Or like Jay naming his album The Blueprint after KRS had an album by that title. It’s all good at the end of the day.


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