Jhene Aiko Speaks On Her Debut Album With The Fader

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Jhene Aiko recently sat down with The Fader, and spoke a little bit about her upcoming debut album.

Jhené Aiko’s Coachella debut earlier this month might have been bolstered by surprise performances from Drake and Childish Gambino, but don’t expect the GEN F R&B singer to be getting much help from rappers on her forthcoming debut album, Souled Out. To date, she hasn’t added any guest spots, with the exception of one from her six-year-old daughter. She’s clearly set on carving her own path, and when we met at the mid-century Palm Springs house she stayed at for Coachella, Jhené came across as a perfectionist deeply committed to putting forth the best music and performance she can. Before we sat down, her team asked if they could record our interview for Jhené’s own records, a rare request in music journalism (unless you’re the queen of perfectionism, Beyoncé). I agree and we dive into conversation. Jhené speaks with a quiet confidence, sitting up straight and wearing a leather bustier with high-waisted denim shorts and a tie-dyed kimono she keeps pulling over her shoulders. She talked about trying to make a new classic album, how Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inspired two songs on Souled Out, and the hurdles that come with being a female R&B singer.

Are you recording this interview for a specific project? I want to put something together that shows my fans the making of the album, all the work that went into it, and little random things.

Do you record your performances and look back at them? Yeah. I’ll look at them as soon as I get off the stage. When I was younger and first went on tour, I was 13 and 14, and that was something that we did every night. It was 2000, 2001 so it was before the really small video recorders or even the phone recorders. We had VHS tapes that we’d watch over and over on the tour bus. I think it’s something that performers and athletes do.

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