Jhene Aiko Interview With ThisIsRNB

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Jhene Aiko’s new EP, “Sail Out” is currently in stores, and recently she sat down with This Is RNB to speak on a few things. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

First, I want to congratulate you on your new EP ‘Sail Out.’ I’ve listened and it’s fantastic – I love it.

Thank you so much.

With the EP, how did you come up with the title for it?

Well, you know the mixtape was Sailing Souls – it’s basically like a play on words – and to me sailing like going with the wind, is completely different then selling for money. So you know I guess Sail Out, it basically means to be free, go with the flow and it’s just like a symbol of who I am as a person and what I believe in.

The cover is very unique and original. What made you choose that specific artwork for the EP?

I wanted to keep the theme along with the mixtape and I actually saw a picture of this woman walking towards boats – but it wasn’t as hopeless looking it was a pretty picture – and I just wanted to do that. I really feel like it’s a symbol of me walking into a scary world fearless and just having faith and going with the flow and not being afraid basically.

One of my favorite songs by you currently that I have on replay is the song, “The Worst.” I know you dropped that video earlier this week, and one thing that I wanted to ask you about the video is there’s a scene where you’re making a PB&J sandwich and you step over the guy – your dead lover. Where did that creativity stem from when creating that specific scene in the video?

[Laughs] Um well, I’m sort of like…people think that I’m really sweet – and I am for the most part – but I can be very sarcastic and I like to be funny too and I thought that part was hilarious. When we were filming and he was laying down, I was like, ‘You know what would be so funny? If I just kicked him like f him,” – you know what I mean? The whole video is me acting out my most darkest fantasy of someone that I feel like did me wrong and doesn’t need to be in my life anymore. Obviously I would never kill anyone, but I just think that it’s a metaphor for getting rid of that person in my mind and killing those feelings for that person. So yeah, we added that last minute. I was like, ‘It would be really cool if I just kick him.’ He’s already dead so it’s clearly doing extra, but yeah.

[Laughs] Great! So what would you say is your favorite track from the EP?

My favorite track from the EP would be “Comfort Inn Ending” and I would say out of the seven songs, that song is the most recently recorded and I feel like that it is a preview into what the album is gonna sound more like as far as music and vocally and the stories are just super personal. And uh, you know it was a freestyle and one of the first times I didn’t really think twice about what I was saying. I was just like ‘Ugh, I’m just gonna say it’ off the top and not really care about if I hurt anybody’s feelings or anything like that. I think that it came out to be one of my most honest songs and even like the vocals. I’m really pleased with my vocals on that song too. So, yeah.

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