Jhene Aiko Interview With The Singers Room

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Jhene Aiko’s new EP, Sail Out is available everywhere now! This past week, she sat down with The Singers Room to discuss the new project and what to expect in 2014. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

Having grown notoriety after her mixtape “Sailing Soul(s),” L.A. singer-songwriter Jhene Aiko is gearing up to further prove she’s more than just a rapper’s dream feature vocalist. As one of Def Jam’s newest signees, Aiko has just released her EP “Sail Out,” a prelude to her full-length upcoming album “Souled Out,” coming in 2014. The EP continues with her signature sound of dope collabs with emcees, meshed with moody, hip tracks that showcase her crisp, melodic voice and thought-provoking lyrics.

Aiko stepped into the singer’s chamber to speak on many things such as songwriting being her outlet, staying balanced, and not fitting into one box. The usually private singer even dished on her love life!

Singersroom: Your current “Sail Out” EP acts as a bridge between your two LP’s “Sailing Soul(s)” and “Souled Out.” What’s the inspiration/significance of the similar titles?

Jhene Aiko: Well, “Sail Out” is basically like a continuation of “Sailing Soul(s)” the mixtape. And the whole idea of “sailing” is like a play on words, “selling” and “sailing.” It’s like the complete opposite of “selling” yourself for money and fame. To me, “sailing” is going with the wind and being free and not really having a price, sticking to who you are and going with your own flow, which I’d like to think that I do. So “Sail Out” is 7 songs that I really feel like are introduction songs to the people who are just now getting familiar with me and that are more familiar with my feature work. Kendrick Lamar is on there, Ab-Soul, Childish Gambino, Vince Staples. And I think people are used to hearing me with the rappers, so that’s why I wanted to put out this project, to give them more of that but on my terms, just a prelude before the full length album [“Souled Out”] that I’ll be putting out.

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Jhene Aiko “Sail Out” EP Is Available Everywhere Now!
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