Jhené Aiko – “Bed Peace” ft. Childish Gambino

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Yoko Ono’s and John’s Lennon’s “bed-in” of 1969 is still, in 2013, one of the most radical moments in music history, and here’s why: it was two of the most watched people in the world, taking a classic grassroots approach to protesting the Viet Nam war. Sure, everyone was doing it in their own nonviolent way back then: students were staging sit-ins and authority figures were saying a few words to the press, but John and Yoko did both. They decided to merge the dichotomy of listener and listened-to by getting into a relaxing, quintessentially non-violent position, then letting reporters come to them with questions.

In Jhené’s new video for “Bed Peace,” we see a strong resemblance to the aforementioned protest, but with an entirely different approach. 2013’s celebrities are everywhere at once, able to ask and be asked questions directly via social media, no matter if they’re in bed, at the gym, or on a shoot. In fact, everyone (not just the famous) can get more peoccupied than ever before all at once, to the point that it’s hard for any of us to really… chill. Jhené knows this, and she hears us. Watch this LA-born stunner sing about the pros of really taking a break in this adorable vid. We promise you’ll be inspired to start a revolution of your own. – V Man Magazine

Jhené Aiko’s Sail Out EP Available Everywhere November 12th!