Elijah Blake – “6”/”Fallen”

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Elijah Blake is getting ready to release his upcoming EP, Drift, but today he delivers a brand new visual for his tracks, “6” & “Fallen” off the new project. Watch the Sean Alexander directed video above.

Billboard: “6” is a powerful song. Was it tough to go with it as your first single?
Elijah Blake: We did this song about a year and a half-ago. People were saying I should go with something upbeat or rhythmic but No I.D. said no. He said, “Good music is good music. The world needs to hear this.” But, he let me figure out what the [first] single should be. I wasn’t sure if it should be “6” at first, because it’s so personal and it’s a ballad. But, then we heard [John Legend’s] “All of Me” and Sam Smith’s “Stay With me” on the radio and it cemented what he said. We went with it.

It’s hard for me to watch the video. I don’t like to watch it. It’s one thing to zone out in the studio and let out all your emotions ou, but when you put it into a visual spectrum and you’re watching it with other people… it’s hard; It’s gets a little too vivid.

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