Def Kicks: Air Jordan set to release the “Katrina” III’s in 2014

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For a few years (I can recall at least back to 2006), whenever I would log on to the website (the official website for the Air Jordan brand.), I would be greeted by a line up of their historic and classic sneaker collection. One thing that I noticed and always caught my attention when I would log on was the image they used for their “Air Jordan 3″. It looked like the “White/Cement” color way but it dawned a red mid-sole stripe where the black one on the “White/Cement” color way usually would be. Sort of like a mix between their “White/Cement” colorway and their “Fire Red” color way. I instantly fell in love with this mythical sneaker that I could only seem to find on their website and hoped that one day they would actually release this mouth watering sneaker head dream shoe.

Come to find out, a few months after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina they actually did release this very color way in an eBay auction with proceeds going to the victims. An awesome gesture of course but I was still left daydreaming of owning my very own pair.

Fast forward to this week, the first week of 2014 and it seems Christmas has arrived a few days late for sneakerheads like myself around the world who once daydreamed of owning this very pair. Word on the streets is that Air Jordan will finally release this “Katrina” pair in March of 2014! Retailing at about $170.

Hopefully I can now make those daydreams into a reality and own my very own pair of this awesome color way of the Air Jordan 3! Check out more photos below.

air-jordan-3-katrina-2014-01 air-jordan-3-katrina-2014-02