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Pusha T recently sat down with Complex and spoke on a few things including, “Cruel Summer” Outtakes, Solo Album delays and more. Pusha T has been incredibly busy since starting up his solo career. This year was particularly hectic for the rapper, who appeared on one of the year’s most successful singles (“Mercy”), released several tracks of his own, and collaborated with several of the most respected musical minds of the past few years.

Complex spoke to Pusha about the studio sessions with Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music, the Common record that he really wants everyone to hear, and why he loves regional rap.

Do you have a favorite record from Cruel Summer?

My favorite record was probably records that didn’t make the album. People don’t know there were records where Common was rapping over—like, we had Common rapping on strip club records. Do you know how great that shit was? That shit was so good that it was like—it’s annoying that I don’t know if people will ever hear this shit.

You know me, you know my perspective. You got me, you got Big Sean, and then you have Common who’s super conscious. He has a whole ‘nother perspective. He was really rapping and really wanted to get on this record. He heard our verses and was like, “Man, I’m laying one to this.” I’m like, “Are you for real?” He’s like, “I’m doing it.”

We leave and come back—we were in LA—and he laid a monster fucking verse. And I don’t think people are going to hear it. Cruel Summer was a collection of verses and raps and songs and it was almost done like ‘Ye’s album. The biggest thing that shocked me [about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was] when I got over there, [Kanye] opened up his album to everybody. That’s how Cruel Summer was. Cruel Summer was a ton of beats and he was like, “Yo, lay verses to this shit.”

Do you think there will be a “lost Cruel Summer sessions” type of record?

Listen, if he’s a smart businessman there will be. [Laughs.] If he wants to capitalize off of already-made music, then yeah. I hope so.

Were you happy with how the project turned out?

Hell yeah. I was really excited. I felt like we did a really good job. It sounds like a real G.O.O.D Music project. The different styles, the different attitudes on the project—it’s all of that. It’s really, really good and I believed it came across really well. I think it incorporated everybody who needed to be incorporated at the time. It was like a fair distribution. It was really dope.

Did you expect “Mercy” to be as big as it was?

Hell yeah. That was dope. When you do great records that are a bit unorthodox—this hasn’t happened to me since “Grindin”—people just accept it. When you with ‘Ye, being unorthodox gets that listen. It gets that five-times listen.

If I put some unorthodox shit out, people would be like, “Man, you on some crazy shit.” Not all the time is it given that fair shake. When you do it with [Kanye], it definitely gets that type of attention. When you do things innovative and new, people respond to it so I thought it was going to be huge.

Check out the full interview here.

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