Compete in LL Cool J?s Remix Competition On!

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As a pre-registered user of DefJam and Boomdizzle, you have been selected to participate in LL’s remix competition as a part of DefJam’s pre-release of LL Cool J’s Exit 13.  To enter the competition, go to  The two best LL remixes will receive a new Denon DJ DN-S1000 CD/MP3 Player.  For more information please visit:

As a participant, you will also be able to get an exclusive look Behind the Scenes of LL’s Top 10 Baby Video and be the first to listen to LL’s latest single from Exit 13 “HeartBeat” featuring 50 cent.

Go Behind the Scenes of LL’s Baby Video

LL’s Heartbeat featuring 50 cent

LL’s profile on DefJam

LL’s profile on Boomdizzle

“There is nothing better at this time in my career than to give everyone a shot at greatness,” said LL Cool J.  “The next superstars are out there.  It is our goal to find them.  Boomdizzle has partnered with DefJam to provide the opportunity for every kid with a dream to see if they have what it takes.  Do you have it?”

LL Cool J’s new album EXIT 13 in stores NOW featuring the hit single “Baby” with The-Dream.

Want2BFamous?  Go to and see if you have the heat to win.

Boomdizzle.  Want2BFamous?


Contest Rules Below:

DefJam/Boomdizzle Instructions for LL Cool J Remix Contest

1.    Go to and click on the Remix Competition banner.
2.    Upload your remix to Boomdizzle (register for an account if you don’t have one)
3.    Boomdizzle will select the top 100 remixes.
4.    LL Cool J, Marley Marl, and DJ KutCre@tor will select the twenty finalists.
5.    The Boomdizzle community (YOU) will choose two winners that have the heat to mix it up with the best of them.
6.    The two winners will be featured on the Boomdizzle site and receive a Denon DJ DN-S1000 CD/MP3 Player.  For more information please visit:

1.    You have to submit your remix through the Remix Competition page.
2.    Remix must be for one of LL Cool J’s tracks
3.    You can submit as many mixes as you want. We select the best one.
4.    All submissions must be received before Nov. 15, 2008 to qualify for entry.
5.    Boomdizzle reserves all rights to allow or disallow entries and choose the winner.
6.    Boomdizzle will contact the winner by email (so make sure you register with a legit email). If you do not respond within 48 hours of Boomdizzle’s email, we will select the runner-up to receive the mixer.