Big K.R.I.T. Interview With Nah Right

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Big K.R.I.T. has been quiet for these last few months but he continues to work on new music. Recently, Nah Right sat down with him to speak on what he’s got going on. Check out an excerpt from the sit down below.

What’s been up with you non-musically recently?

As far as what I do now non-musically is I have a habit of just trying to get away from music and chill man. I’ve been playing Titanfall a lot and Call Of Duty: Black Ops, NBA 2K. And aside from that, just roll around the city and just chilling in my car, listening to music that inspires me from back in the day. Not even really stopping no where, just driving and trying to get the vibe of what it feels like to just have an “against the nation” mentality and just how music make you feel, getting there and just creating it from that perspective. Also man, just enjoying the fact that I put out so much music that we can go to clubs and just kick it. I’m relaxing a lot in between doing music but you know how I am, I’m always just ready.

And speaking of music, Cadillactica will be your sophomore studio album. I think the bigger news surrounding this one obviously is that you’re not doing much of the production on it, but how much are you producing it from a standpoint of a director–maybe not on the boards but saying like, “Yo, I want it like this or I want this sound here,” or whatever?

Well, you know. I’m still involved. The beautiful thing is that I’m able to work with the type of musicians that I’m still able to give them my ideas. It could be a title or just the understanding of what I physically heard for the song that they can create or already have something in that manner. And then, we sit down and brainstorm the best possible idea for the record, because it’s one of those things that if I know that I went and somebody sent me a beat, and I just went crazy on it, I’m going to do what I would naturally do with my own records. I’m trying to take myself clean out my comfort zone, and if I’m going to do a riding song or a song about cars, not do it necessarily in the same realm that most people know of me doing it. I’m going to try to take if further and even with production—with the instrumentals and the beats that people give me—I try not to tell people so much what I want on the track. But even then, I can influence the record to semi-sound like something I would have made by myself. And I want to stay far away from that man, and just get to be an artist and vibe. It’s a blessing to be able to work with so many talented people.

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