Asher’s Spot The Difference Challenge! Win a “Is This Too Orange” T-Shirt!

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Remember those awesome magazines you would get in elementary school where you had to compare two images and pick out what was different between the two? Well now is your chance to put those keen skills of observation you developed to the test and win!

Above are two images, your task is to figure out what has changed between the top image and the one bottom one (hint- there are 5 differences). Post your answers below in the comments. You will need to sign into the site (top right corner of site) using your preferred social network account in order to post. We will pick 5 random winners from all of the correct entries to win a “is This Too Orange” T-Shirt and a shout-out on Twitter!

And in case your vision ain’t what it used to be – click here for a hi-res version of the images.


UPDATE!!!! Click here to check out the image key for the correct answers!