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Sisqó’s solo debut from Dru Hill, Unleash the Dragon, was released on Def Soul Records in November 1999. Unleash the Dragon sold moderately at first, until the February 2000 release of its second single, the novelty “Thong Song”. A runaway hit, “Thong Song” and its follow-up, “Incomplete”, were major hits on theBillboard Hot 100 chart, with “Thong Song” making it to number three, and “Incomplete” going to #1. The success later got Sisqó a doll made of himself byPlay Along Toys in 2001.

Sisqó’s visual trademarks are his eclectic hair styles and flamboyant stage costumes, which were regularly flashier than those of his groupmates. Over his career as a recording artist, both with and without Dru Hill, Sisqó’s hairstyles have included a bleached blond Caesar, a platinum Caesar (colored with silver spray paint), blond cornrows, a neon-red dyed Caesar, and a blond Mohawk.


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Def Jam 30

Sisqo Talks to Complex about Dru Hill's Hit Songs

Sisqo recently sat with Complex for an edition of #TBT to discuss a few of Dru Hill’s hit songs such as “Sleeping in my Bed”, filming the video, meeting biggie and more. For more nostalgic posts like this, check out

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Music Video

"Thong Song"

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