Payroll & Cardo

Multi Platinum producer Cardo and street poet Payroll Giovanni come from vastly different cities; however, their passion for creating quality trunk rattling slappers remains the same.

The Detroit bred Payroll has spent the past few years carving his own specific lane of rhymes representing the city’s hustler lifestyle. Through his solo work and with his crew Doughboyz Cashout, Payroll has received significant stamps of approval from hip hop superstar Jeezy and local Detroit hero Big Sean. Meanwhile, Cardo, who grew up in Minnesota and Texas, hasn’t let off the gas since his breakout moment providing production for Wiz Khalifa leading to certified hits for everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Travi$ Scott.

Admiring each other’s work from afar, Cardo and Payroll eventually got in touch via a string of email and texts. This communication grew into a working relationship, which jumpstarted the early recording sessions of what would become Big Bossin Vol. 1.

“We had Big Bossin Vol.1 done in like three months,” said Cardo. “Our chemistry just clicked. It was natural, organic, fly, dope and we were on a whole nother lane with it. We didn’t expect such a big outcome with the project because this is a whole new sound.”

The finished 18-track mixtape displayed Payroll and Cardo’s artistic rapport with popular tracks “Brainstormin’” and “Never Seen Money.”

“I was always a fan of his shit cause he was speaking that real,” said Cardo of Payroll. “I felt that because he came from the same background I came from. He’s authentic. He lives what he raps.”

Payroll couldn’t agree more when he explained his admiration of Cardo’s production.

“With Cardo he got his own unique sound,” explained Payroll. “He’s not following any trend. He’s not trying to make whatever is poppin at the moment. You can hear a beat and know it’s a Cardo beat. He’s the truth.”

And, the critical response couldn’t have been more positive as Pitchfork’s Dean Van Nguyen described Big Bossin Vol.1:

“Together, the duo have coaxed out their respective strengths on Big Bossin’ Vol 1. At a time when the West is enjoying a creative surge, a couple of young outsiders are helping to carry the weight.”

A year later, Payroll and Cardo are nearing the release of their follow-up project Big Bossin Vol.2. According to Payface himself, the sequel should serve as a suitable next chapter in the Big Bossin saga.

“Vol.1 was the starter kit of how to hustle and move around,” said Payroll. “Vol.2 is you already being at that boss platform or plateau. This is how you keep it going and how you stay consistent. This is how you keep your money circulate. This is about dodging the obstacles and haters. Doing everything the right and legal way and the circumstances you do take if you decide to go the illegal route, these are the things that come with it.”

Similar to the previous installment in the series, expect Big Bossin 2’s stylistic take on contemporary G-Funk from Cardo to compliment Payroll’s lyrically detailed street narratives. Expect this installment to focus primarily on the producer/rapper duo with the sole featuring being Bay Area luminary E-40.

“We wanted to go with the jazzy sound and mix it with the mob music sound,” described Cardo. “I might be feeling myself but me personally, Vol.2 is an incredible project to us at least.”

Big Bossin Vol.2 will also be the first in the series to see wide distribution through iconic Hip Hop label Def Jam. Not only should the project serve a wider audience, but become another addition to the pioneering outlet’s historic catalogue.

“It’s a blessing and doesn’t feel real because as youngins coming up, Def Jam was the label to be in Hip Hop,” Cardo said. “For us to be there is a blessing bruh. We can really impact the game on a whole nother level with this.”

With a hustler spirit, real storytelling and honest creativity, both Payroll and Cardo are on the way to delivering one of the most unique artistic statement Hip Hop fans will hear all year.