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Hip Hop Junkies
Nice & Smooth

Nice & Smooth’s biggest radio fame came from “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow…,” from the group’s second album, Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed, released in 1991. The song was a moderately somber rhyme with introspective lines about poverty, AIDS, and drugs that was set to the guitar loop from Tracy Chapman’s hit “Fast Car.” In the summer of 1992, the music video received heavy rotation on MTV. “Hip-Hop Junkies,” which featured a sample from The Partridge Family’s “I Think I Love You” was also a hit, and it was once performed live on Keenan Ivory Wayans’ comedy/variety TV show, In Living Color. The duo is known for its humorous rhymes and catchy hooks. They often appeared as guest emcees on albums by the Beatnuts, Gang Starr, and Tony Touch among many others.


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Since 1984: Nice And Smooth Perform on In Living Color Oct 27, 1991

On October 27, 1991, Nice & Smooth performed as the special music guest on Fox’s “In Living Color” comedy sketch show. Check out the performance of “Hip Hop Junkies” above. For more nostalgic posts like this one, check out

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Nice & Smooth

Manchester, NH Nice & Smooth 30th Anniversary Tour

Nice & Smooth

Newport, RI Nice & Smooth 30th Anniversary Tour

Nice & Smooth

Allston, MA Nice & Smooth 30th Anniversary Tour

Nice & Smooth

Pittsburgh, PA Nice & Smooth 30th Anniversary Tour

Nice & Smooth

Secaucus, NJ Nice & Smooth 30th Anniversary Tour
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