Elijah Blake

Very few artists are just as good at creating amazingly vivid and passionate scenes with their voices, as they are with their words—Elijah Blake, is one of the few. Standing a part from the manufactured acts produced by today’s entertainment industry, Elijah Blake is a refreshing dose of vocal and dancing ability, hit song writing talent, and personal conviction that icons are made of.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, Elijah was surrounded by talent. His mother and father were no strangers to music, being avid participants in church and his childhood friends all boasted either singing or dancing abilities beyond their years. “Everybody wanted to make it. Everybody wanted to be somebody special.” In an area riddled with crime, Elijah, with guidance from his mother, struggled to stay out of trouble. Soon, his talent would find him a way out of trouble and onto a stage.

Seeing a great opportunity to keep her son on the right track, Elijah’s mother got him involved in church. It was here singing in the choir, that his talent was first discovered. “The choir director would sing something and expect me to sing it back. He took it up the scale to higher notes and I was able to stay with it. I didn’t even know what vocal range was at the time, but that day, I found out I had it.” Elijah continued singing in the choir, often doing solos and helping with arrangements.