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Cru composed of three members, Chadio, Mighty Ha and Yogi. The group’s first appearance was the “We Got It Goin’ On” remix by R&B group Changing Faces in 1995. Two years later the group released their debut album, Da Dirty 30 which featured two singles “Just Another Case” and “Bubblin'”. After the release of the album, the group disbanded with Yogi becoming a successful hip hop producer


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Da Dirty 30

Da Dirty 30 is the only album released by rap group, Cru. It was released on June 24, 1997 as a joint production by Def Jam Recordings and Violator Entertainment, with the entire production of the album coming from the group’s producer Yogi. The album was met with positive reviews but was not a huge…

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Def Jam 30

"Just Another Case" / "Pronto"

Cru’s video for “Just Another Case” off their album Da Dirty 30.

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