Artist Direct Reviews Rihanna’s L.A. Show

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Rihanna recently had a show in L.A. for her Diamonds World Tour. Aritst Direct has written a review.
Check it out below.

“Baby, I’m a rockstar,” Rihanna declared from the stage at the sold out Staples Center last night.

She’s got that right.

In fact, she’s one of the last real rockstars left, and she’s owning the title like a true champ. Every tour Rihanna launches, she still manages to step up her game and best the last one. Of course, that’s tradition for any rockstar worth his or her salt, but she’s keeping live music exciting with mind-blowing production and tight performances.

The Diamonds World Tour supporting last year’s phenomenal Unapologetic brought together a few worlds for Rihanna—from the towering pop she’s known for to reggae flavors to swagged-out hip-hop. She took the stage subtlely in front of a coliseum-style setup, and “Mother Mary” showcased her powerful vocals early on, resounding through the arena potently. Without a blink, she slipped into the funky fresh fashionista futurism of “Phresh Out the Runway” and the sexy come-on “Birthday Cake”.

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