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I’m sitting on an airplane, on my way to Miami (yay!) to master the
album (IN LOVE & WAR — NOV. 3RD–double yay!) and I can’t get over
how blessed I am. It’s funny because I’m about to release my fourth
album & in a lot of ways it really does feel very similar to when I
released my first. I admit it usually does feel brand new with each
project though. There’s a lot of excitement & preparation, but it’s
mainly the huge desire to share my music with everyone else that gets
me all fluttery.

often ask me, “What’s your favorite part of what you do?” I think that
would be the creative process itself. Having a song playing over &
over in my head & then being able to make it tangible so others can
hear it too–also so I can hear it outside of my own mind–is what I
love most. & it never stops; ideas keep coming. I’m always excited
about what I may want to do next, experimenting with sounds, etc… I
really believe music/sound is spiritual energy, but more of that
another time! Lol. 

Anyway, I was talking about feeling blessed,
& I was thinking how wonderful it is to live one’s dreams. Another
question a lot of people ask me is, “How did you get into the music
business & become an artist?” Now, there’s a lot of great people
& circumstances to that answer, but in a nutshell, I believed &
I believed & then I believed some more.

no one way to get into the music business, just as there’s really no
one way to get into anything. But one thing you have to have is belief
in yourself, & belief that your dreams can really come true. Not
just hoping, because hope without expectation doesn’t do much–but true
blue belief that it’s really going to happen. That kind of belief will
lead you to take proper actions. So don’t be afraid to dream the
supposed impossible; don’t feel resigned to choose practicality over
passion! If you dream it, you have to believe it to achieve it. Don’t
cheat yourself out of your own blessings!