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When asked about why she made the switch from Columbia to Def Jam:

Amerie: I just felt people at a urban level would more understand the temperature. They understand the direction and the timing of things. Not that people at Sony didn’t, I just feel some of the ideas on how to approach certain things are better. I am now working with people who really live and breathe the music and the culture.

When asked about the type of man she likes:

Amerie: I just want a man I can be myself with. I’m not really big into looks; I’ve never really been into looks. People use to always accuse me of falling for the funny looking guy. I would say I just like character, someone who has personality. That guy that may not be on the cover GQ, probably had more time to develop a personality and some smarts. He really doesn’t have to just rely on his looks to get a girl. I just like men who know themselves and are confident. Sometimes I can be really dorky like playing computer games and reading Harry Potter. I want someone who likes me for me.

When asked to give advice on how to get over a breakup:

Amerie: The best advice I can give a woman going through a breakup with a man is to find a new one (laughs). That’s probably not the best advice, but there is something to that. Its not always good because you may just go for the opposite of what you had already. Its bad because you only really chose the new guy because he was so much different than the old one. Its best to just pretend the relationship never happen in all honesty. Just take the time to reflect about the decision you made and make better ones next time around.

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