Afrojack Interview With Dancing Astronaut

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Afrojack sat down with Dylan Farella of Dancing Astronaut a few weeks ago to speak on a few things including, his debut album, the route he took with the music and much more.


Two dozen floors above Lower Manhattan, Nick van de Wall, the man known as Afrojack, relishes in a rare moment of silence. There’s something calming about the view of New York City — the majority of the skyline to our left, the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District to our right — stoic even compared to the background noise in the hotel room: keyboard strokes, Call of Duty and The Simpsons seeping from the bedroom to the dining area. The unspoken embrace lasts almost half of a club sandwich, before the unavoidable topic of his imminent album debut creeps in.

It’s the first of May, and New York City’s first 70 degree-plus afternoon after a horrible winter. In only five hours we’d be at the listening party for his upcoming artist album. What is the mindset of an artist who’s weeks away from releasing their debut project? In his comfort zone, shoeless, Nick is very blunt. Upfront, making no hesitation for word choice; “The nerves were fucked since I delivered it, like when I finished it and couldn’t touch it anymore,” he says, “until I presented it for over 250 people in Miami. From that moment on it hasn’t been so scary.” The fearlessness is apparent in his face, though he doesn’t even let a presumed eagerness show. Noticeably, it’s already resonated his team; the rest of the room gives off the same calming, almost sedative, sense. A true calm before the storm moment, if I’ve ever seen one.


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