2 Chainz Speaks On Voting

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This year 2 Chainz was the spokeperson for the Respect My Vote campaign. Check out his new article he wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine.

As the national spokesperson for the Respect My Vote! campaign this year, I wanted to share my thoughts about the election, and talk about some of the things we can do to maintain the momentum and continue to support communities.

I have said many times in explaining why I wanted to participate in the Respect My Vote! campaign that when I learned in 2008 that I had the right to vote in the state of Georgia, it changed my perspective on the democratic system. I had incorrectly, for all of my adult life until 2008, believed the biggest voting myth that exists – that ex-felons cannot vote. I wrote about this in May of this year, when we kicked off Respect My Vote! Learning that I had the right to vote was life-changing.

So I reached out to the Hip Hop Caucus, an organization that I knew worked through the culture and infrastructure of hip-hop to register, educate, and mobilize young voters, including ex-felons. I am so proud that I got to be the spokesperson for their Respect My Vote! campaign and coalition.

Now that we are past the election, my message today to the hip-hop community is that staying involved in the political process after Election Day is just as important as voting.

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